Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Roundup

I'm torn between Is July over?? and July is over!!  I’m grateful to have had work but also that school is over, that the weather is hot but there have been cool days, and I’ve not had much quiet time but lots of opportunities to meet up with friends!

What I'm Into
check out leigh's festive 4th of july pics!
My first July here was 2012, and I spent most days from 1 till 8 on the couch with an ice pack and a fan blowing on me, all the blinds down, reading or watching TV and trying not to move. I guess eventually I'll acclimatize, right? Anyway, here's what I've been up to (and blogging wasn't it - too wiped out, must be all that singing and jumping around at work!):

it even looks refreshing
Reading: Uh, I read a lot of books this month, even for me. Probably has something to do with my commute... I’ll just mention a reread, though: The Other Side of Eden by Hugh Brody. Non-fiction, this book explores hunter-gatherer societies, mainly in Canada, and how they change once in contact with agrarian societies. A fascinating trip to my homeland and university days via the written word, and for bonus points, there’s snow in it to help me cool down.

Watching: I caught up on Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. I love funny shows! I only just discovered that Ugly Betty is on during breakfast, a nice change from Spanish news football reports. Seriously, get over it, people. It’s a game. And yes, Canadians do love their hockey, but unless it’s something huge, we keep the replays on the sports networks.

Listening to: A lot, and I mean a LOT, of kiddie songs. I even hear them when I'm trying not to. If You're Happy and You Know It plays over and over and over in my mind. Now I know how my parents felt when I played my Brian Adams Everything I Do "mix tape" -basically a tape with this song recorded on it as many times as it would fit- when it was my turn to choose music in the car. Sorry! 

Fortunately, the kids also like Happy, and it's become our daily theme song. I love it! It really pumps me up. Hmm, that's one to put on a new "mix tape", if you ask me...

Finally, one student introduced me to Zaz, a jazzy French singer just perfect for a summer soundtrack. How did I not know about her? Probably because part of my job involves listening to groups like The Wiggles and when I'm home I sometimes just revel in the quiet and miss out on grown-up tunes.

Doing: Tap dancing on the ceiling and bathing in glitter. No, I've not joined a cabaret, I've just been at day camp. Lots of songs, lots of crafts, lots of activities and games. 

My best ideas so far have been having the older kids draw large cartoon-y sports posters (it’s a sports camp) and cut out holes for faces for fun photos, and water painting (inspired by my friend Sherry, AKA The Child Whisperer) – take out dishes of water and paint brushes, and the kids spend a happy while “painting” the school yard.

Refinishing the buffet. Still. Seriously, not my thing, but it now looks pretty good!

Seeing lots of friends. Girls lunches, afternoons with a friend and her children, burrito nights, window shopping, and coffee. The summer school timetable allowed for a lot of socialization. It’s so nice to spend time with friends.

Being interviewed for this neat blog, Strangers with Smiles. The blog features a smiling someone every day and aims to spread the happiness around. If you'd like to participate, you can get in touch with the smiley Christina via her blog. 

towel pets from day camp
Singing in church. I sang a duet with the lovely Amy, who just radiates joy when she’s sharing music. She is such an inspiration to what it means to share our gifts and talents, and I hope to collaborate more with her soon!

And the best for last... pinning up a storm for my new job! As of September, I will be Mrs Tall, JK teacher extraordinaire (well, that’s what I’ll be aiming for!)

Thinking about: Next year – I am so grateful to have a job teaching full time at a school by my house. BY MY HOUSE! JK! Spending time with fun little people doing crafts, reading stories and singing songs? Yes please! Of course I’m going to enjoy my holidays to the max, but I am already looking forward to September. Nerd alert - I love school! 

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