Thursday, June 12, 2014

Destroy it Yourself: The State of the Place

I'd thought the destruction was over - no walls, no windows, no floors, what was there left to take out? And I'd thought Tall Guy agreed with me, until one night last weekend when we were checking things out and he saw the jackhammer. Suddenly, he decided the terrace floor needed leveling...

So now there is truly nothing left to destroy, the new walls are up, electric and plumbing are in, window frames have arrived, and nearly all the floors have been poured.

We've ordered tiles and cabinets, faucets and light fixtures, and it's time to wait. 

Not that we're sitting idle, twiddling our thumbs  (Tall Guy would have made a superb pioneer man, he's always working on something and he is getting handier and handier). No, we're refinishing the buffet that came with our place. It's a lot of work but it will look really lovely once it's settled in our newly finished nest. Hopefully we'll get that done that this weekend, and then it's on to redoing the patio furniture. After that, who knows what project Tall Guy will find for us?

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