Thursday, April 17, 2014

Destroy it Yourself: The Homer Simpson Revelation

Tall Guy and I have spent every free moment taking down walls, removing doors, ripping up floors, and cleaning up all those bits and pieces to get ready for our big renovation. They're coming on Monday, and everything needed to be out so the construction can begin.

straight from the can
We're worn out and our hair is so dusty it's grey, and now I understand the allure of beer and doughnuts.

homemade strawberry doughnuts
I enjoy the occasional beer, especially on a hot day with a  nice salty Spanish tapa, but I didn't really get beer until now. When you're doing (de)construction, you need beer. And doughnuts. It's the only meal that will satisfy after a long day spent ripping up a floor or smashing down a wall.

Homer Simpson, I've misjudged you.
i get it now

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