Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh My Cut!!

this. hair. is on fy-ah!
Five things fast for Monday:

1) I wore my awesome Chat Noir top today.
2) I was so engrossed in my book (Jo's Boys) that I didn't really notice the commute either way.
3) I taught three art classes today, and no one's hair got cut off. Until...
4) I got my hair cut by a Spanish hairdresser, and... I love it! Phew!
5) AND to top it all off, I came home to a letter from my grandma in the mailbox. Hooray!

Anyway, back to the haircut - this is a big deal. The last time I got my hair cut, I was so unhappy I vowed never to get a haircut in Spain again. I made it three months, and even cut my own bangs once, more or less successfully. But it's hair, so they grew again, and I didn't relish another natural hair eye-shade. Since I don't have anything booked to Canada at the moment, or to Nicaragua, where I got a really nice cut for about 50 cents, it was go Spain or grow long. So, I decided to do it. I was planning on tomorrow, but...

I happened to pass Oh My Cut! which I loved, obviously, because of the name.

Initial attractions:
-the name

-I remember reading about it in an article listing top salons in Madrid  

-It looks cool (white, yellow and dark wood interior)

-The price is very right 14 euro for a wash and cut! And they include the price of shampoo, wow! Sounds lame, but sometimes they don't do that here...

-There were three employees and no customers at that moment, so no waiting!

The attraction deepens:
-the first thing I heard was the head stylist commenting to the hairdresser how "fabulosa y encantadora" my hair colour was, and natural, too! (Did you know I have fabulous and charming hair? I didn't).

-staff were friendly throughout, although heavy on the hair lingo (let's just call them extremely dedicated to hair. Hairologists, we'll say. AND they didn't comment on my height. I'm tall and I know it. No need to point it out to me.)

lost in the movement
-my hairdresser was friendly and approachable, but all I know about her is her first name. She's doing my hair, we're on a first name basis, but at no point did she think we were on a life-story reunion show. I like to relax when I'm getting a cut, and other than hair-talk, I prefer not talking.

-everything was clean and bright

-they have a "finishing bar". A great idea - you can test out products and dry and style your own hair if you don't feel like paying extra or if you're afraid a stylist blow-dry is going to leave you looking like a soccer mom from 1993 (which is totally fine if you are a soccer mom from 1993, but not so fine if you're not a mom and don't care for soccer).

Para resumir...I'm happy, my hair has great movimiento now. By the way, I took a bunch of cards, so if you're a Madrid-friend with hair, I have something for you...

happy hair, happy girl


  1. I love your cut! Make an appointment for me! :)

    1. Mum that could end up being an expensive hair cut :)