Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dance Dance Revolution 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7IVAH1JauEI've finally got a word for this year, and it's dance. It didn't start out this way - several words were tried on for size and rejected during the first weeks of this new year, as situations arose and the words were just not adequate.

I wanted a positive word, but not falsely cheery. A serious word, but without heaviness. Something to keep me grounded but inspire me to reach for my goals. Something comfortable, but with space to grow, a reminder of what I'm working on.

To dance well, one must be focused and disciplined. One must be graceful and self-aware, and able to fall into the music with abandon. Creativity, perseverance, confidence, humility, balance, passion. Having a plan, but being able to improvise. Knowing when to move and when to be still. Dance encompasses what I need this year. It's hard work, but it's beautiful. I love it.


  1. Well written:) Now I'll to think of what my word should be, hmm.

    1. Yours could also be dance, so we could have "dance conventions" and meet up at crazy places around the world and also have weekly videoconferences. Very business-like. :)