Friday, November 1, 2013

October Snapshot

Oh, October, you have been, are, and always will be, one of my favourite months!

I love the fall air. I love the changing leaves. I love sting of heat after coming in from a long walk.

What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

Today I'm linking up with Leigh for What I'm into: October Edition

Reading: A Tale of Two Cities. It’s Dickens, so you can’t go wrong. Handily, it’s on my e-reader, as is Little Women. I love that story, although I wasn’t really thinking when I picked it for reading in public – crying on the train, anyone? Currently I’m into Walden, a natural oasis for my city commute, and no tears!

October Chatelaine magazine. I’m gearing up for casseroles and roasted veggies, for sauces that simmer all afternoon and meat that just falls off the bone.

Reading online: This post about All Saint's Day. This is a holiday in Spain, and people (the Talls included) spend time in the cemetery. I've also been checking out Project Gutenberg. Kind of sad that I've had an e-reader for several months and have only looked this page up recently... heaps and heaps of books to download! I've also been perusing this blog about Spain.

Watching: Not much, really, although thanks to Leigh, I’ve got something lined up for November – Reign, about Mary Queen of Scots. Sounds perfect for dark, chilly evenings.

Drinking: Hot lemon, ginger and honey, the natural scratchy-throat soother.

Doing: Blogging every single day (about Spain!), biking, meeting up with old friends for drinks, looking at Christmas projects (cards? ornaments?) and things to do in the long, dark winter, and I’m gearing up for long-weekend company!

Listening to: The Time Warp, even when I’m not listening to The Time Warp. It’s in my head ALL THE LIVELONG DAY!  All the primary homeroom classes at my school had to make up a Halloween dance, and 3B did The Time Warp. The kids love the crazy costumes and the catchy tune (don’t worry, we only watched a videoclip of the song, not the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show, although compared to some things that are on TV these days, it’s really not that bad...).

Thinking about: What it means to be a role-model and how all aspects of behaviour impacts my students. It’s everything – the other day I dropped a piece of chalk and twenty-eight voices chimed in with, “OH Dear!” which is what I say when something goes wrong. They are listening and they are watching all of the time, even when they seem to be just dinging around in their own little world.


  1. I love Dickens! He's perfect for fall/winter reading.

  2. I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school and loved it. It's been a long time since I read any Dickens but I've meant to read Our Mutual Friend, ever since watching the epic BBC production. Let me know what you think of Reign! I need to get caught up on the last two episodes.

    1. Ooo, I haven't seen the BBC production - I think I need to schedule in some read-watch time... I'm hoping to get up to speed on Reign this week!