Sunday, October 20, 2013

Journey to the Centre of the World

Well, not the world. Europe. Ok, not Europe either - Spain. Madrid. Actually, it's not the exact centre of anything, - sorry, Madrilenos - but the national highways are measured from here, and at any given moment, heaps of people are meeting up with friends or family.
spain starts here
We're in the Plaza del Sol (aptly named - there is no shade) where anything can happen:

You can grab a seat along a fountain and watch street performers while you wait for a friend, and then you can go on to a café for a snack and a gab-fest.

You can find out your friend is pregnant! And then you can go shopping to look at baby clothes!
by the bear and the strawberry tree, madrid's symbol

You can even meet Chucky...

Sol - the heart of Madrid.

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