Friday, October 18, 2013

Don Oso - (A Hamburger Story)

It's Friday night, and I'm as hungry as... a bear... Bro, you know what I'm talking 'bout!

Games night is a go -it's Risk tonight - and before we set things up, we take a walk down the street to Don Oso, our local "hamburgersry" (yes, that's a word, in Spanish, at least!). Don Oso (Mr Bear), is a Spanish institution - what student hasn't passed through the doors? What family, too busy to cook, hasn't ordered a burger or four? What guest at my house hasn't been treated to this greasy hole in the wall wonderworld?

Think big (although you can order a small), and decide on your toppings before you go in. Things move fast, and indecisiveness is not tolerated. Will you have lettuce, tomato and onion? Fried or raw? Mushrooms, cheese or bacon? Don't forget the pickles! Or will you opt for a hot dog - mayo, mustard, fried onions and little pickles are the decorations, and will you have fries with that?

Order and wait along the crowded bar, or on the sidewalk outside during exams and warm summer nights.

We get ours to go, and head home - uphill, fortunately, given our dinner - for a risky night in. The food, though, is a sure thing.

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