Sunday, October 27, 2013

Come as you are

Whoever thinks churches are dying obviously hasn't visited the Community Church of Madrid. It's an English-speaking interdenominational church held in the auditorium at a university in the city, and today it was packed. Young people, old people, families, expats, Spaniards, students, tourists - I think about 100 people.

From even before you reach the door, this is a place where you feel loved instantly. There's someone at the door waving and smiling as you come in. Another friendly face will give you a hymnal. You may not know anyone, but stay for more than two minutes and someone will be getting to know you, and it's more than likely you'll have offers for a coffee date or two. 

This is a church that practises true agape love. That's not an easy feat, but together we try. Excellent sermons and discussions keep coming back to the word, reminding us that by grace alone we are saved, that no one is above or below being saved.

You can wear a suit and tie, or jeans and sneakers. You can have a high-profile job or stay at home with your kids. Maybe you're married to a Spaniard. Maybe you're alone. Who your earthly self is, well, that's secondary - first and foremost you are a child of God and more than welcome in this place of worship.

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