Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New Verb

Tapear – verb. (tah-pay-R) To go from bar to bar ordering just the specialty dish at each to share for a progressive dinner. Especially wonderful in the summer with friends; in essence, bar hopping with food.

the rosco, the mosto, and some olives
Start at the Mercado de San Miguel with a small glass of cava and a slice of jamón ibérico or a fresh oyster, maybe two. Then wander down the Cava Baja and the Cava Alta. Pop in anywhere that strikes your fancy, but once you get to the Plaza Cebada, don’t miss the boletus and jamón croquetas at Txirimiri, or the lacon and brie rosco (round sandwich) and mosto (grape juice) at El Almendro 13 (guess the address...). If you’re not stuffed to the brim, head to the rooftop patio at El Viajero for a drink.

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