Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Treat: I heart Gwyneth Paltrow and I heart her brownies

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. if you don't love her, and aren't prepared to give her a chance, this post is not for you. You've been warned:

I love her hair.
I love her style.
I love her website.
I love her husband's band.
I love all the movies I've seen her in.
I love her workout friend Tracy Anderson.
I love her house in London (I'm not a stalker, really!).

          And now I love her cookbook.

It's called It's All Good because it is. She's into healthy eating - no simple carbs, no empty sugar calories, no processed anything, barely any gluten and hardly any dairy. Lots of flavour, lots of veggies, and lots of lovely food photography. This is my kind of cookbook! 

I made  the gluten- sugar- and dairy-free brownies, and they do not taste like cardboard. They taste like brownies. Tall Guy says they're drier and cakier than we like, but that's because I sort of forgot they were in the oven, and they baked for a little too long...

yes, i am this awesome. no, there are none left for you.

A chocolate sauce hid the dryness well. In a saucepan, I melted and whisked together a square of pure baker's chocolate, two little packets of xylitol (about 10 grams), a spoon of peanut butter and a splash of milk. Pour over the brownies, then garnish with a couple of berries, and the overbaked brownies are good to go.

I've also made the Mexican salad, NY salad, and tandoori chicken kebabs from the book. Straightforward recipes, no "weird" ingredients (although I have been using flour and sugar alternatives for a while, so they're pantry staples at our place), and instructions for making recipes gluten and/or dairy free. Anyway, if you're into healthy eating without sacrificing flavour or variety, and/or you love Gwyneth, check it out!


  1. They look delicious! And make me want to watch Sliding Doors again! Too bad you are so far away! lol.

    1. Heehee, how many times have we seen that movie? If we were in the same place, we could make the Mexican salad and a batch of brownies and eat them while we watched the movie! I guess we'll have to wait till the summer...