Thursday, March 7, 2013

When life spits on your jeans...

...think of five things fast*!

Today someone spit on my jeans, and it wasn't even a crazy person. They're my new jeans. They have an extra-long inseam and a bit of stretch. They go with boots, flats and heels. From the classroom to a night out. And someone spit on them.

To get myself out of the obvious funk that put me in, I thought of five things fast that I love about this city:

1) Sephora is here, and my Sephora "black" card entitles me to 20%-off this month. Hello, spring makeup!

2) I'm volunteering at ASP tonight with a great group of women.

3) J&J books - a second-hand bookshop in the heart of Madrid that feeds my need to read. And if space or frequent moving is an issue, they'll buy back books for store credit.

4) The Toast - a cool cafe with fairy lights and mismatched chairs that opened around the corner.

5) The blue of the sky when the sun is shining.

*five things fast is my action for when things start going downhill. Bad day at work? Five things you love about your job. Argument with your partner? Five things you appreciate about them. Just annoyed? Five things you're thankful for. Happy, and want an extra boost? You get the idea... I picked five because it's, well, fast! And reasonable - when you're in a mood, ten things are too many, and one is not enough to get yourself out of it.