Sunday, December 2, 2012

Love is a verb

Hey, tell me haven't ya heard
Luv is a serious word
Hey, I think it's time ya learned
I don't care what ya say
I don't care what ya heard
The word luv:
  - chorus, "Luv is a verb", DC Talk                    
It's the first Sunday of Advent. The season of love, joy, hope, and peace for all. Four weeks till Christmas, and the beginning of the greatest story ever told. The story of man who gave his only son so the world could be redeemed.
Four weeks. That's not a lot of time to finish shopping, wrapping, decorating and baking, to sing all your favourite carols and pop songs, to visit all of your loved ones, send of a few dozen cards, and Elf yourself. It's busy. There's a lot going on, and sometimes it's hard to hear one of the central messages of the season, and the message is not that you've got the best recipe for gingerbread. The message is love!
And we can say love all we want, but unless we're doing something about it, is it enough?
My challenge to you this week is to love. It needn't be a grand gesture; after all, it's not about outdoing. It's about loving. Some love as a verb that I've encountered recently is
a church collecting 150 toys to make sure 150 children who would otherwise get nothing have something to open on Christmas morning.

a chain of supermarkets setting up a collection box in all of their stores to help out the food bank.
someone giving up their seat on the subway to someone who looks worn out.
It's your husband helping you plant your artificial tree in a bucket when you realise and are so disappointed that it doesn't have a stand.
It's a friend taking the train into the city to meet you for lunch when she senses you're homesick.
It's snow-blowing out your neighbour's driveway, or dropping in for a visit with someone who can't get out much.

With a heart full of luv and the Truth in His voice
Gave up His life so that we may live
How much more luv could the Son of God give
Here is the example that we oughtta be matchin'
'Cause luv is a word that requires some action
 - "Luv is a verb", DC Talk                
Love. It's giving your one and only son to redeem the masses.                     

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  1. I was curious about that song, so I just listened to it! A good message in your blog writing.