Friday, July 6, 2012

A Farewell to Barristers
To commemorate my last day of work in Legal Land, my top ten places around Holborn, in the order of the time of day I see/visit them:

The walk from Temple to High Holborn: through Temple Gardens, up a steep staircase, around the Ministry of Justice, through Lincoln's Inn (where, at the moment, wisteria is blooming), out a secret door, down an alleyway, around the corner, and into the office. I suggest you skip the office, but do go wandering and let yourself get lost around the Inns of Court.

Krispy Kreme: Forget the doughnuts - stop here for a good coffee served by an employee named Santa. That's his real name. I asked.

Leather Lane: such a fun lunch market! My favourite is a salad bar stand, where you can get an enormous box of salad for 4 pounds.

Lincoln's Inn: after picking up something from Leather Lane, on a sunny day, this the best place for a people-watching, sun-bathing lunchtime picnic. For dog-watching, go for a stroll around Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Adobo: another lunch favourite, rain or shine, the best veggie burrito in town. Go with a large appetite.
The British Museum: a 10 minute walk away, which means 40 minutes of meandering time before heading back to work. I especially like the Japanese gallery. 
Temple Church: History, anyone? Serenity? Free lunchtime concerts? Go to see the beautiful building, stay to hear lovely music or an interesting anecdote from the Reverend Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of the Temple.
Shoe Lane Library: It's a library. On a lane named after shoes. What's more, the library selection is wonderful, and they have twice-yearly "fill a bag for 2.50" book sales which include the latest best-sellers.

MW Nails: Gift vouchers look like plane tickets! Novelty nail treatments for solo flyers or group trips, old-school pampering in a 60s-style plane.

Scribbler/Cards Galore: need a card for a leaving party? A co-worker's birthday? Just to cheer someone up? Cards ranging from inoffensive and decorative to hilarious and slightly inappropriate. You'll find what you were looking for (and what you'd never expect to see on a card) in one of the shops on High Holborn.

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