Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10 Jubilee Weekend

Whether she's your queen or not, whether you are a monarchist or not, you've got to admit, at 86 years old, 60 years on the job, basically without any time off ever, and no signs of slowing down, this woman is pretty impressive. Here are the highlights of my looooong weekend:

10. Five days off, because my work was closed on Friday!

9.  These coats. And patriotic dressing in general. (My current nail varnish is Loyalty to Royalty. That's a shade of blue, obviously.)

8. Eating twice at Byron Burgers. Mmmm.

7. The general good mood of the crowds.

6. The Jubilee Sales. There are some seriously impressive deals out there!

5. All the free stuff Kanga and I did/got - hairdos, massages, champagne, baklava, facials...

4. The bunting. Why hasn't this caught on in more countires???

3. Seeing Her Maj (again!) at the river pageant.

2. The River Pageant. VERY impressive.
1. Tall Guy was here to enjoy it with me! And he bought me the offical programme!

1 comment:

  1. I love your Top Ten. The whole weekend was an incredible tribute to the Queen. The river pageant looked spectacular on tv.
    And I also love bunting. I'm going to start the trend here. I'll start simply, just using paper, then people will start making their own paper bunting and then I will move to making fabric bunting!
    And Byron Burgers. So good.