Friday, May 11, 2012

You know you're going British when...

you dream about the Queen!
Yes folks, Her Royal Majesty appeared in my dream last night. I don’t know if it’s my upcoming workshops at Kensington Palace and the Tower of London, or reading her speech, the fact that I stalk take frequent walks past the palace, or my invitation to tea (for real!), but last night, there she was, in this splendid white dress and of course the blue sash (solid proof that she does wear things more than once).
This picture is from here
The Queen was in my mom’s house, and we were sitting on the couch together. She put her stocking feet onto the coffee table. And of course no one mentioned her feet on the table.

As I sat beside her, I was thinking not, “Why is the Queen in my mother’s house and why are her feet on the table?” but, “Hmm, my grandmother and the Queen look very much alike”.

My aunt fumbled with the camera - I think the batteries were weak - and before we could take a picture, the Queen had moved from the couch to the arm chair and alas, our cosy moment was not caught on film.

Oh well, there’s still a chance we’ll get a shot of the two of us sitting on a bench in the palace gardens, dipping biscuits into our tea.


  1. That wasn't a dream.. that really happened! :) luv, mum

  2. How come I wasn't invited!?!? *tsk tsk*

  3. She could have tried my new lazy-boy!