Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Other than Tall Guy)

For Valentine’s Day, here are, in no particular order, 14 of my loves this month:

1.      Winter (a book)
2.      Cumin. On olives, hummus, broccoli…
3.      nice, cushy new headphones (thanks, Bro!)
4.      the tiny, travel-sized magazines you can get over here
5.      my monochrome outfit, especially the cool skirt (from Reiss)
6.      this vase, which (as soon as it goes on sale) will grace the mantle
7.      a good discount coupon for a Decléor facial at Holistic Beauty
8.      Rachel’s Pear and Plum yogurt (even though it’s low fat!)
9.      super “elegant” baseball shirts from French Connection
10.  Nicole OPI nail varnish, in "loyalty to royalty"
12.  this tea (thanks, Fairy God Sister!)
13.  our new casserole dish
14.  Zumba

A good February read
I´m in love with these tops!

a la Audrey

too cool for school


  1. yes that lindt chocolate is my favourite also!


    1. I'm trying to re-create it at home... so far, nothing quite as good!

  2. :) It's my Mom's and Emily's favourite tea too!