Monday, March 7, 2011

Park- and Palacing

Talls on the Thames. Hmm, sounds like a drink.
The weather report was accurate this weekend - sun in London and rain in Oxford - so the Talls postponed their university town tour.

The Tall Twosome was spotted cycling through Hyde Park on silver and blue Barclay's bikes (looking not at all tacky...), photographing weird birds in Kensington Gardens, dashing around Kensington Palace (free with their Historic Royal Palace membership, and thank goodness! A warning to would-be visitors: the palace is undergoing a major face lift, and the exhibition they have now is really more geared toward families), freezing on their motorbike en route to Hampton Court Palace (also covered by their membership), and stalking deer in Richmond Park.
Is it a chicken? Is it a goose? Nope, it's a coot - look at that foot!
Cool bike!
At the entrance to Hampton Court Palace

The Great Hall. Tudors, anyone?

Tall Guy in one of the gardens (there are over 60 acres!)

Lost in the maze!

So that's where we took a wrong turn...
Ooo, can I pet him?

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