Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Five Senses - Advent

Sarah of Pink of Perfection sometimes writes posts entitled "Five Senses Friday". I think this is a cool idea, and it's one I sometimes use as an alternative to recording daily events in my journal. To mark the first week of Advent, I've adapted the technique for your here, and added a contest:

What are your senses sensing this Advent season? Leave a comment by December 10, 2010, to be entered in a draw to win a Christmas treat from Germany!
Taste: Advents Kalender Tee. For the duration of Advent, my morning cuppa will be a surprise! I love Advent Calenders, but not the sickly sweet chocolate candy that comes in them. Here in Wiesbaden I had quite a selecion: standard milk chocolate, beautiful paper ones, marzipan, dark chocolate, Christmas ornaments, even Lego! 

See: Nativity scenes all around town, but especially my awesome magnetic nativity scene from Prague (normally the Three Kings are farther away, and Jesus isn't there yet... It's the Spanish in me).

Hear: Pfffrrrehff as I peel open a fresh, juicy clementine. Good things come in small, orange packages.
Buying a loaf of homemade Fruchtbrot in Nürnburg

Smell: Ginger, cloves, and cinnamon from Glühwine and Gingerbread in the Christmas market. In Nurnburg, I couldn´t resist a cup of hot chocolate to warm my hands. We also picked up a loaf of fruit bread that weighs 
3/4 kg!

Feel: Anticipation as the countup to the celebration of Jesus' birth begins!

Remember: Post your five senses for Advent by 10 December to be entered in the draw!


  1. My 5 senses for Advent and for this Friday:
    Taste: is the Christmas pudding I made last weekend with my mom and we will enjoy tomorrow at the big family Christmas. It's a tradition. Mom says it's the last year she will be making pudding. I'm not sure if I will carry on the tradition.
    See: Today I see snow. It's the first day of real snowfall and the grass is almost covered.
    Hear: This morning I watched and listened to the youtube video of the flashmob in the Welland ON foodcourt, singing the Hallelujah Chorus. A great way to bring music to the people! I wonder for how many people was this their first time to hear the Hallelujah Chorus, beginning to end?
    Smell: has to be the smell of Christmas baking. Distinct because of the spices. Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon.
    Feel: has to be the feeling of the rush of the season. There is so much Christmas music to play and enjoy, and so many possibilities for ways to prepare for and celebrate the season. So much to do ... or want to do ... and so little time.

  2. Great senses! You will now be entered into a draw to win a Christmas decoration from Germany!

    REMEMBER: the contest is open until midnight on Dec. 10.

    PS Please put some pudding in the freezer for me when I get home.

  3. What a fun activity. Thanks! Here are my choices for the 5 senses.

    Taste: Mmmmm...the delicious taste of eggnog that is only available for sale during the Christmas season. I had my very first taste of eggnog ever at your house!

    See: Lovely twinkling Christmas lights! I have white lights on a garland on the banister up the stairs, on our Christmas tree, on a tree in the front of the house, and on another artificial Christmas tree on the deck just outside the back door. Everywhere we look there are lights or the reflection of lights!

    Hear: Christmas carols. I've been listening for weeks and weeks. I just love Christmas music. It's strange if we don't have music playing at our house, and so the Christmas carols play non-stop!

    Smell: Tonight it's the smell of my annual Christmas nuts'n'bolts baking to their salty, savoury perfection. Mmmm...garlic! I always make a huge batch and divide it among friends and family. This kicks off the Christmas baking frenzy.

    Feel: New fuzzy fleece jammies that we buy for the kids each Christmas Eve. It's so nice for them to go to sleep on Christmas Eve in new fuzzy soft jammies - and it makes for great Christmas morning photos!

  4. Memories of opening gifts with my brother and two cousins, all of us in matching pyjamas, are flooding my head! I especially remember the red plaid ones we had with little scottie dogs on them.

  5. It was good to read your five Advent Senses Emily!

  6. Hey it's Carolyn - I'm interested in entering the contest and sharing my 5 senses of the season.

    Taste: Cookies and sweets and eggnog and turkey and stuffing.

    See: The lights and decorations outside of peoples homes.

    Hear: Christmas music playing on the radio.

    Smell: The smell of turkey cooking.

    Feel: Scarves and hats and gloves which I have received as Christmas presents warming me up in the cold weather.