Monday, November 15, 2010

The West Wing

It's a dark, rainy Monday; the perfect day for a tour of the West Wing. We don't come up here much, because none of the rooms are really finished, and, well, it's the West WING! When I'm up there, I feel like I shouldn't be. I hear noises. I'm convinced something is around one of the corners, waiting to scare the pants off me. Instead of the Beast chasing me out, it will be the ghost of that little girl I told you about earlier. Basically, when I'm in the West Wing (or thinking about it late at night when I can't sleep), my imagination runs wild and gets the best of me. Enjoy the tour!

P.S. Not ten seconds after I finished this video clip, the doorbell rang, and of course I jumped right out of my shoes. I went downstairs and recieved the building owner and an architect. There are going to be some changes to the West Wing (actually, the entire building is getting a face lift), so this tour is extra special. In a month or two, the West Wing will be no more...

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