Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Weekend in Prague


Charles' Bridge

500 kilometres might seem like a long way to drive for a weekend, but keep in mind that German highways are speed-limitless, so you could go, in theory, 500km in say, three hours!  We are not speed demons, and we don’t have a death wish, so we estimated it would take us five... EIGHT HOURS LATER, we arrived in Prague. Thank you, German construction. Everyone who goes to Prague next year will get there faster.

Anyway, despite the long drive, it was worth going (the ride home did only take five hours, by the way). Tall Guy hadn’t been before, and I had only been for a couple of days ten years ago. Prague is beautiful. Prague is especially beautiful when all of the trees are ablaze with fall colours, as they were last weekend. We had two perfect, sunny, crisp days to explore the city. Here are some highlights:

Tall Guy at the John Lennon Wall

St. Michael's Church

Tall Girl in a bakery

The Dancing Building

Tall Girl in Old Town Square

Bird's Eye View of Old Town Square

View from top of clock tower

The Talls in Wenceslas Square

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