Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Wiesbaden!

Actually, he's already here...

Yesterday, as I was wearing my (red - how appropriate) wool coat for the first time this season, I heard Christmas Carols in a store. Yikes! Despite the cooler temperatures we've been having here, I'm just not ready to start jingle-belling.

For some reason, I thought the acceleration of the seasons for commercial benefit was limited to North America, but here I am in Germany, and wouldn't you know, more than half the space in my favourite home store (think mini-Pottery Barn) in town has been taken over by Christmas: Christmas mugs, Christmas plates, Christmas candle holders, Christmas table clothes, Christmas CDs, Christmas tree ornaments... you get the picture.

Don't get me wrong - I love Christmas, and all of the decorating, caroling, baking and wrapping that comes with it, but I am always alarmed at how early the holidays creep into stores, and I'm convinced it's happening earlier and earlier every year.  

We complain about how fast time goes by, so why do we permit and even endorse stores to speed it up intentionally? Pumpkins mingling with angel tree-toppers and turkey napkins? Boxes of heart-shaped candies out beside back-to-school supplies? No thanks!

Even in Germany, which is basically the Christmas decoration capital of the world, Christmas in October is too soon! My dear high school friend has a good rule, which I've adopted as my own - no Christmas music before November. I'll pass on Christmas for the moment; let me finish enjoying the beautiful fall, and decorate with gourds and dahlias! There is no room in my house for poinsettias just yet.

Gorgeous Dahlias for sale at the Wiesbaden Market

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