Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Parking: Four Vignettes


It's been awhile... our Internet connection went out last Friday, and so I've been offline for DAYS! Anyway, I'm back with the first of four true parking stories...

One – The Lost Car
(Or, The one where Tall Guy almost lost his cool because he was tired, hungry, wet and cold)

The Tall Couple decided to go for a walk in Mainz, a neighbouring city, one evening after work. They drove around and around and eventually found a parking spot close to the city center. They were immediately distracted by the eye candy around Mainz (the cathedral, marzipan in shop windows, and wonderful half-timbered old homes) and spent a happy couple of hours wandering around the old town. When it was dark - and starting to rain - they headed back to their car, only to discover that their car wasn’t there!

Actually, the car was there, but there was not here...

They knew the car was near the cathedral and a tramway. They walked up, up, up a steep road, and then, not finding the car, down, down, down again. To no avail, they searched for the parked car. Finally, a helpful local pointed them toward the cathedral. From there, they spotted the place where the Tall Guy had eaten a pretzel earlier and, suddenly, they knew where they were and where they had left the car.

Once they got there, the car was there, too, and with feelings of relief, they got in and drove home, vowing to duly note where they park before getting touristy on all future outings. 

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