Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Blue Room

Looking into the Blue Room

The Blue Room gets its name because it's overflowing with blue: blue carpet, blue sheets, blue night table, Lavender Blue products... It's very peaceful and despite being huge (I think my entire Madrid apartment could fit in here), it reminds me of dear Anne's room at Patty's Place. My favourite piece of furniture is my little blue night table (only 5 euros at Ikea). It's usually hiding under a stack of books, which hide the My Fair Lady record standing along the back.

The main door is Asian inspired, sliding shut on rollers and becoming part of the wall. There is another doorway, up two stairs, that leads to the ante chamber of the bathroom (more on that later, complete with a ghost story). There is also a non-working fireplace which is proving to be a great makeshift shoe closet.

Closet space is one thing this apartment lacks. There is only one tall, narrow one in here, shelves only, and one in the hall (half shelves, half hanging), hence the clothes rack which I have dubbed TGSG (Tall Guy Shirt Gallery).

The floor is about ten centimeters higher than the entryway, kitchen and living room, because it's heated. I am looking forward to stepping onto it on dark, rainy November mornings. What a luxury!

After a string of uneasy nights where every new sound was the ghost of a little girl from the early 1900s who died while in the care of the doctor that used to live and work here, or a drug dealer who had been using our second storey as a hide out from the gang that was after him - it seems my wild imagination and ability to freak myself right out survived the trans-Atlantic flight - I now sleep peacefully in the Blue Room.

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